While planning a STEM-focused workshop, I decided to assign roles to each group member. Maria is very organized and Jack thrives under clear guidelines, so I decided to task them with reserving the room for the event. Tim is skilled at graphic design so I will put him in charge of creating posters. These will spread awareness about the workshop. Tim’s social skills will allow him to also spread awareness through word of mouth. Anna came up with the idea for the workshop meaning she probably has the clearest idea of what curriculum should be, and knows the most efficient way to design it. I will also assign Mary to this task because of her organizational prowess, including her on this project will help ensure the program runs smoothly. Jack is financially literate and comfortable with money so he will be responsible for securing funding from local businesses. Finally I assigned Anna and Tim the responsibility of actually teaching the course. I picked Anna because she is the most passionate about the subject. She will work the hardest to ensure the course is a success. I decided to pick Tim as the other teacher, primarily because he is interested in interacting with the public, and this is an opportunity to do so.

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