While working on a STEM-focused workshop for local-middle schoolers, I assigned specific roles to each team member. To start off, I assigned Maria to take care of the $300 fund and tasks related to reserving a room. As she is more detailed oriented and likes to stay in the background, I believe she would be best at this role. Jack, being comfortable working with money and financing can help Maria secure funding for the workshop. At the same time, with Jack’s need for concrete tasks and skills with financing, I believe he could better advise and administer the finance department by gathering funds from sponsors. Maria is very organized and her team work with Jack will bring enough donors for the workshop. Looking back at leadership roles that Anna had previously undertaken shows that she is passionate about the project and could very well present and design the curricula for the workshop. Furthermore, Anna is innovative and likes taking up responsibility which makes her perfect for the role of a teacher at the workshop. In addition to that, since the idea of a workshop was initiated by her, it would be sensible if she would collaborate with Tim who is a biology major and is interested in interacting with the public. Tim also has a background in graphic design. With his creative mind and strengths in public speaking, he would be the best bet to advertise for the workshop. This way not only would he attract the public but would get to work with Anna while teaching children. This way Anna could also guide him through media and presentation.

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