When creating a STEM-focused workshop for local middle-schoolers, I assigned group members to certain tasks based on their personal strengths. The first task was to reserve a room. I assigned Jack this job because it must be done in a timely fashion, before the event, and is a clear task. Next, I assigned Tim and Anna the role of advertising for the workshop. Advertising requires elements of creativity in order to be affective. Tim has a good basis with graphic design, which can be helpful for any online advertising, and has the creativity necessary. Anna would be able to assist Tim by making sure their advertisements have a clear explanation of the workshop, which Anna initially thought of. I assigned Maria and Tim to the task of designing the curricula. Maria is organized and detailed, which is good for developing an outline of what will be covered in the workshop. Tim is good with interacting with people, so he can make sure he is able to work with the curricula and convey it to the audience clearly. Jack and Maria would be in charge of securing the funding for the workshop. Maria would be able to keep the funds organized, and Jack is comfortable with money and financing. Lastly, Anna would be in charge of teaching. She has leadership experience and her passion for the project would translate to the audience, leaving the group with a successful workshop.

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