First I watched the video Orphan Trains  by Christine Frewin. The Conceptual core of this video is well thought out. But I feel the introduction could be a little stronger. I say this because it goes into too much detail about how she found out about the orphan trains. It makes her main idea of the whole blog less clear. The narrator does well in the Research competence field. She gives multiple sources to go along with her findings. Although the volume is at a good level, the quality of the voice could be better. It makes it harder for me to be engaged in the video due to the monotone voice. I believe the author used the creative realization and innovation field very well. She makes you feel a sad mood that you could not have on a paper. This is mainly because of the pictures she uses and the descriptions she gave to go along with them. Overall I believe the relationship between form and content was pretty good. She stated her thesis in the beginning and throughout the video she gave numerous examples to back it up.

Next I listened to the podcast Trying to Graduate from High School at 21 by Shamari Ridley. The Conceptual core has a few issues with clarity. The narrator doesn’t really come up with a thesis he just starts talking about him. The Research competence also could use some work. The author doesn’t use any resources. He just talks about his life story without any use of articles or statistics to help him explain his point. Also the quality is not very good. He tends to ramble about certain things that don’t help him in any way. If anything it hurts him because he basically gives excuses for his bad habits. The Creative Realization and innovation core is basically non-existent. Since the podcast doesn’t have any video it is hard to consider it creative. Also it did not give me an effect that is different from a paper. It sounded like he was just listing and stating his story. And finally, since he didn’t really have a thesis the Relationship between form and content is weak. It didn’t have a point, it was just his story.

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