For my first peer review I listened to the podcast, “Not the ‘Right’ Kind of Gay”. The thesis was strong. He believed he was not perceived as being the ‘right’ type of gay. Throughout the podcast he talks about him being feminine and liking feminine things like “The Little Mermaid” but when his dad would hear or see this he would shame him and tell him he is “a man”. He also talks about how when he came out to his mother she reacts well and says she supports him but still calls him a “faggot”. The quality of this podcast is good he uses different kinds of people like examples of hurtful terms from his parents and then has another peer of his explain why these phrases are hurtful. The vision of this project is seen and using a podcast helped convey what he was trying to say by hearing the tone of voice he hears his parents use when they call him names. The fit between the thesis and design work well.

For the next peer review I watched and listened to the digital storytelling of, “How Did I Become Asian American”. The thesis was there and explains learning the process of how she became Asian American. The quality is good I like the pictures being used. For example, when she talks about being little and asking her mother questions, the photo is of her and her mother when she was little. These photos really enhance the story and engaged me. The vision is sen throughout and the design works very well with thesis because you see the story progress.

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