Our goal is simple. It is to make a successful STEM workshop here at James Madison University for middle students. I feel that we have found the perfect staff for it. Anna would be will be the president of the program as well as the leader for the engineering portion. Tim will be our social head as well as the leader for the science portion. Jack will be the treasurer as well as the head of the math portion. Maria will be the head of the technology department, however Tim will also be helping out in this portion. We feel Anna is best fit as the president for this workshop as she was the one who created our idea. She is also a good fit for the engineering portion as she is an engineering major. Tim is our social head due to his ability to connect with people on a regular basis. He is also a good fir for the science portion as he is a biology major. He can also help with the technology portion due to his creative design background. Jack fits as our treasurer due to his comfort and ability of handling money and financing. He is also the head of the math portion Because of his money skills, and he is a pre-med major. Lastly, Maria fits as our technology head due to her origination ability and how frequently she has to use it in her history major.

We are asking for $300 as we have already fundraised and put up as much money as we can but we just need this little boost. This is a good investment as it will allow for the middle schoolers of the Harrisonburg to gain a deep understanding of a broad set of courses. This investment will cause for kids to receive future scholarships as STEM majors, and it will. produce mathematicians, doctors, engineers, and many more professions. Our group gives students a group that most kids their age will never receive. Our goal is to teach and refine skills to these young scholars in order for them to succeed. Again, any amount that could be given is very appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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