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Design- Maria And Jack

I chose Maria for this because she is well organized and detail-oriented so the design of everything will go very smoothly. She also likes to stay in the background of projects so doing a design would be the perfect “in the background” job for her. I also chose Jack because he likes concrete tasks and needs clear deadlines to thrive. The design is something that most people find difficult and concrete so I feel like he would like this. The deadline for this will be told to him and maria and jack will both kill this position!

Advertising – Maria and Tim

I chose Maria because she is well organized and detail-oriented and likes being “in the background”. This advertisement will turn out very clean and organized and easy to follow because she is super organized and neat. Tim would be great for this also because he is a graphic design major so he will make this advertisement super creative and fun!


Reserving room and Financing- Jack and Anna

I chose Jack because he likes clear deadlines and in order for them to get a room he needs to find one before a certain date and he likes deadlines. Also, he is the only one who loves working with money so i would have no issue with him taking care of the $300.  I also chose Anna for this because she is super hard working and will get this job done. Jack and Anna would be a great team!


Teaching- Anna and Tim

I chose Anna because she is a great leader and what not better person to teach rather than someone who has had experience in this field! To be able to teach you need leadership skills and passionate which Anna has! Tim would also be a good fit because he likes interacting with other people and this job requires that. These two people together would be the perfect duo!