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The first multimedia student sample I looked at was Radio Rookies podcasts. The theme of the podcasts and overall message of Radio Rookies is well conveyed without having to even listen to the podcasts. The structure, layout, and overall visuals are easy to follow, eye catching, and create a transparent umbrella concept of the podcasts’ contents and goals. Just due to the nature of the project being a podcast rather than a website or blog, I do not believe this project could achieve the same effect as on paper. Additionally, although it is great how much content Radio Rookies has, it is difficult to navigate if you are looking for a specific topic or one specific podcast.

My first thought with the blog as my second multimedia sample was how overwhelming everything appears. I was instantly spammed with pop-up ads, security cookie questions, and distracted by the bold colors. The Guardians site does not have a clear uniform message as the Radio Rookie podcast did. The use of different fonts, text sizes, and colors takes away from the text itself, making the reader focus more when they could simply be skimming blog titles. In What Next?  Why a Year Out After Graduation is Worth the Risk, the structure and layout was much cleaner, easier to follow, and overall more enjoyable. The incorporation of other students stories, along with poll research statistics, was a nice addition to the piece, adding to the ‘reliability’ or credit of the text. I believe the message would have been conveyed more clearly had it been on a poster rather than a blog, purely based off of the Guardians website. However, any other blog post not related to the ads and pop-ups on The Guardian, would have been as a effective on paper, but neither more or less beneficial.