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From the task, there seems like there needs to be a lot done. There needs to be people who are well fit to be able to take care of the tasks needed to be taken care of. Anna who is an engineering major, will have the position of advertising the workshop. This will be her job because the workshop was her idea, therefore, I think she should go about how she sees it in her head so it could be the best it could possibly be. Also, she leads several groups on campus and enjoys taking responsibility so I think that this job would fit her perfectly for how she goes about things that she is passionate about. I also think that Tim, who is a biology major, should design the curricula since he is good with graphic design. He will make the curricula look sharp and eye appealing and will know exactly what to do with the proper instructions. Tim is very creative so this should come easy to him. Jack, a pre-med major will have the position in securing $300 in funding from local sponsors. I am assigning Jack with this task because he is comfortable working with money and financing so securing the money should be easy and fun for him. Also, Jack likes these kind of tasks but always needs a deadline because without it, he will never get the job done on time. With this deadline, Jack would be able to put in forth his best effort and get the job done. Maria, a history major along with Anna will be the teachers of the workshop since they are both detail oriented. Even though Maria prefers to stay in the background she can still contribute a whole lot to the group. These are the tasks that I have assigned to two of the the team members and their characteristics make it seem that they are the best fit for these positions.