In the blog titled “What to do when A-level results day goes wrong “, the conceptual core was muddy. I knew it was about grades but it did not say it was in Europe and not the states, and due to this I did not know what A-level classes were or what results day was, meaning it should be further explained to clear things up. There is not really a lot of research going into this piece as it is a blog and is more opinion-based rather than fact-based which makes sense. I believe this is a creative blog because it offers advice on what to do if you do not get into your dream school. The relationship between the design and the thesis is clear, and it shows because it shifts from the author’s own experiences to advice on how not to fall into a pit of despair from not getting into the school you wanted.

In the digital story “The Path of Exile”, the conceptual core is clear. The video explains the story of the Serbians in WWI very well and it is clear that the video explains a snippet of history. The research competence for this video seems very well put together, it seems like it took a lot of research to make a video like this, and it sounds credible. The video snippets chosen for this video are very creative, and enhances the narration with old videos of the Serbians and refugees, and then switches to modern videos when the narrator talks about the present day. It is a creative video, with the way it was made switching from past videos to modern videos. The relationship between the design and the thesis is very clear and I know what the video is trying to get across and there is no straying away from the topic.

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