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Project 1 – Blog post (

I think this blog post did a great job making the thesis clear. The conceptual core of the post, or the strength and clarity of its thesis or central question, was clearly stated and was easy to understand. This is key so that anyone reading this post can easily identify what the post is about, so the conceptual core of this piece was done very well. Furthermore, I felt that the research competence, or the volume, quality, and variety of resources utilized, was also executed very well. This blog used multiple statistics and included different kinds of information regarding the topic to support their stance. The research competence was done very thoroughly, and the reader can tell that the author is fully knowledgeable about their topic. On the other hand, I think the creative realization and innovation of this piece could have been excited differently, only because I don’t feel that the project achieved an effect that could not be achieved on paper. Finally, the relationship between form and content, or the fit between the thesis of the project and the design of the project, was very informative and stayed on track with connecting back to the thesis.

Project 2 – Digital Storytelling (

I think the thesis of this piece, or the conceptual core of the project, was very well executed. The author made the thesis clear, simple, and easy to tell what the project was all about. Also, I could tell that the author put a lot of time into the research for this project. The reader can tell that the research competence of the project is very apparent, as the author gathered a lot of information regarding orphan trains. Furthermore, I think the creative realization and innovation part of this project was the best part. The video was very well done, and you wouldn’t be able to put something like this onto paper. I would say that the transitions could have been done a little better to make it seem more like a video and less like a slideshow, but overall I think the creative innovation was there. Lastly, the relationship between form and content was very apparent in this project. There was a very defined relationship between the thesis and the supporting statements. All of the information related back to the thesis, so the relationship was very strong.