My project is to create a two hour STEM-focused workshop for a local middle-schoolers located on JMU’s campus. I planed to reserve a room, advertise for workshop, design curricula and secure $300 in funding from local people. I will then assigned two specific tasks to each team members. Additionally to that, two team members will have to teach on the day the workshop. After looking at each members traits, I gave them some tasks,

I chose Tim to be in charge of the advertising for the workshop. I think h is the perfect candidate for this task because he is creative. Moreover, his creativity will be useful for creating the curricula, especially because he has a graphic design background, which is very helpful for both of the tasks that I have assigned to him. Also, I think Tim’s traits fit perfectly with the task of teaching on the day of the workshop.

After looking at Jack’s traits, I decided to give him the task to secure $300 in funding from local people. I think he his the best to perform this task because Jack is comfortable with money and financial. His ability to manage money and financing will help te team to do this project effectively.

Maria is the perfect candidate to reserve a room. Her traits make her able to do it perfectly because she is detail-oriented and well organized. Those traits are important on planning things. Moreover, I will assigned her the task of design curricula because her ability to be detail-oriented will lead the team to a successful curricula because she will share good ideas with the group, which will be very useful.

I think Anna will be very good at teaching on the day of the workshop because she loves the project and will share her knowledge and her passion to people. Moreover, Anna will be perfect for this task because she has experiences on this kind of task, especially because she leads several group on campus. I will give Anna the task of advertise the workshop because she will match perfectly with the creativity of Tim, by taking responsibilities, and proposing ideas to make this task good. Indeed, her experiences, her knowledge, and her ability to take responsibilities match well with those tasks.


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