Maria – I have decided that Maria will be reserving the room and designing the curriculum. Because Maria is well organized and detail oriented I think she will be good at this job. We need someone to lay out the curriculum for the day, so someone that pays close attention to details and is organized will do a good job getting it done. Along with that, because she is organized reserving the room should be easy for her.

Jack – I have decided that Jack will be taking care of the funding and designing the curriculum. Because Jack is comfortable with working with money and financing he is the best person in the group for the job. Also I figured that because he likes concrete tasks and needs clear deadlines to thrive, these tasks are good for him because they both need to be completed before the day of the workshop.

Anna – I have decided that Anna will be taking care of Advertising and Teaching during the workshop. Because Anna leads a lot of groups on campus and enjoys taking responsibility, she seems like a good candidate to advertise because she seems like a people person. Along with that she is an engineering major so she has a background in the STEM field and can teach a lot about the subject.

Tim – I have that Time will also be taking care of advertising and teaching during the workshop. Tim said that he enjoys to interact with the public, so advertising and teaching require what he enjoys doing. He will do a good job at both because he seems to be a people person. Along with that he is a biology major with a graphic design background, so he will be a great teacher during the workshop.

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