Project 1-

I think the conceptual core in this piece was right on point.  The main and central point of this blog was clear and concise and I think anyone reading it would understand what they are talking about.  As well as the research competence was thorough and able to tell that the author knew what they were talking about and added different statistics and different types of information to get their point across.  According to creative realization and innovation I don’t necessarily think that this piece would be different on paper just simply because of the fact that it is a written article and you could right the same thing on paper.  The relationship and form of content was easily readable and did not go too off topic but would not bore audience because it talked about the same thing the whole time.

Project 2–

The conceptual core of this story was simple and easy to tell what this video was going to be about and the author’s point around the topic.  The research competence was the same, you could tell that the author spent a lot of time going through different articles and websites finding all the information she could on the orphan train.  I think the video met the full creative and realization portion because since it was a video it could not be copied onto paper.  However the information, of course, could written out.  I will say that the transitions and images in the video were somewhat basic and boring and it seemed to be just like a slideshow.  The relationship form was there.  There was a clear relationship between what the thesis and other information spoken about.  There was nothing that was said that was not needed.

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