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The two-hour STEM-focused workshop for local middle-schoolers located on JMU’s campus needs a lot of work. But my team and I have it all under control. What I see as one of the more important tasks in this project is securing $300 in funding from local sponsors. I would assign Anna and Jack with this responsibility. Anna leads several groups on campus and likes having responsibility. Money is a big part of any project and with her experience and security, we would not have to worry about funding. Jack is comfortable with working with money and financing. This means he already has experience with raising funds similar to what is required now, this also gives him the comfort of feeling like he knows what he is doing and is sure there will not be any disasters. For the task of advertising the workshop, I believe Tim would have that under control. Having a background in graphic design, being creative, and having the drive to work will the public makes this a good fit for Tim. Finally, the task left is reserving a room, and I would leave that to Maria. She is organized and detail-oriented. I think with her work ethic she would be perfect for finding the best atmosphere for the students. The first team I would put together would be Anna and Tim. Anna is a leader and can do the heavy lifting of the event, and Tim can use his creative ideas to give the students a more entertaining time. The final team would be Maria and Jack. Jack like Anna is a leader and can do more of the heavy lifting, where Maria likes to stay in the back, but there are a lot of good qualities to Maria. Maria will keep things organized and keep the class rolling.