The first multimedia source that I would choose to use would be a blog post called “Want black students to feel at home? don’t ignore the little things“. the main purpose of this text would be express that when going to a university, it the little details that really matter to students. One of the little details that struck the blogger would be when sitting in the dining hall and looking at the portraits of every college master. Every individual in those portraits would be a white man. This is very impactful to a student from another culture because it creates the notion that there is no diversity. There are other details as well such as not admitting another British Black student who has slightly lower grades. These little changes allow for a student to feel the effects in another way but when changed, barriers can be knocked away. These changes matter and any institution should understand that diversity matters in every aspect of life. There is good strength in the main idea and it connects well to what the main idea of the blog which is that the little things matter. When looking at this blog, there are no resources that are backed up and this makes sense since a blog is a persons personal moment that impacted them in naturalistic way. This blog also has the potential to be able to have a bigger impact when connecting to a topic on diversity. The details really hold this blog together such as the beginning when in the cafeteria or at the end when getting a haircut. What could be worked on could be how events such as playing different types of music or getting a haircut at university would be terrifying. there could be an elaboration on that detail. The title would be appealing allowing for multiple readers to gravitate towards this peace of work.


The second multi media source would be a digital article. in this article, the main idea would be the story of growing up in a society where there is a split between cultures. the video article would express the reason why china towns started and the struggles on these  Chinese migrants who came to have a better life. This article would have a better understanding of how the current Chinese migrants are impacted in a similar way the adjusting to the way of life in another country when being compared to the Chinese migrants. There is consistency from beginning to end. This audio article can also be used in the bigger idea of migrant struggles and can also connect to other struggles that others have been feeling. This is very different from other sources since the aspect of deep listening needs to be used. There is a good amount of information and skimming down that information can allow for a more fluent transition between the shared experiences of those who migrated and those who were born in America. what I loved about this source was that there would be pictures allowing for there to be support in what the reader would be saying.


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