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I would assign Maria with the task of reserving the room because she wouldn’t have to do something out of her comfort zone.  I would also have her help with designing the curricula so she can contribute without having her talk to many people.

Jack would contribute by helping secure the $300 from clients due to his background and comfortability with finance and money.  He would also assist Maria in designing the curricula because there would be clear cut information that they would teach the middle schoolers.

Since Anna came up with the idea she would be in charge of advertising the workshop cause she knows it best and she wants people to perceive it.  She can also help Jack collecting the money because she can inform the clients paying what they will be getting within the camp.

Tim can help with advertising because with his skills in graphic designing he could make a website design to catch people’s eyes and can also go out with Anna and personally speak to middle schoolers thinking about signing up for the camp because of his ability to enjoy talking to people in public settings.  He can help Maria finding the room and contacting the people in charge to reserve the room.