When looking at this group of individuals, the first individual that I would want to talk about would be Anna. Anna is an individual who brought up the idea of this workshop. Anna is very passionate and has great energy when trying to convey the purpose of her passion. This is great because when needing to prepare for this workshop there needs to be adequate funds to gain from the sponsors. When trying to gain this money, Anna’s passion will be seen to the sponsors. This would be Anna’s passion and expressing her passion in the most conveying way would be very effective. Through the expression that she is giving off, many of sponsors would be influenced and impressed by the intent that she has when wanting to do this stem focused workshop. The next role that Anna will have would be advertising the stem focused idea on many schools within the radius of the harrisonburg community. She will have meetings with many of the middle school principles to allow for flyers and announcements to be made in middle school classes. Since Anna is able to lead many groups on campus, she is able to express her ideas through those groups and allow for the individuals in those various groups to be able to send and spread the message of the Stem workshop to others that they know. Anna would also be one of the people to teach because of her experience with people especially in the groups that she leads.

The next person would be Maria. She is silent and likes to be behind the process of this entire workshop. Maria is very organized which is her strength which allows for her to be able to contribute to the group. Maria can send emails to many of the administrative groups within the middle school system in Harrisonburg. Through these email, Maria is be able to organize these meetings for Anna to meet the staff in these schools. The same can be done when setting up a meeting with the sponsors so that Anna can persuade the donors to be able to give the funds for the workshop. The last job for Maria is trying to get the room. The rooms can fill up really easily and everyone is looking to get a room earlier than everyone else. Maria can book the room ahead of time even before the workshop even starts allowing for there to be no hassle when trying to find another room. The last job for her could be designing the curricula. This is especially helpful because, Maria is organized and can create structure and plan on how organized the workshop can go. Making concrete and detailed curricula can allow for the whole workshop procedures to move smoothly.

The next individual could be Tim. his strengths are being creative and also being in the public. One job that Tim can do would be to teach the workshop. This is a great task because Tim can get along with the kids in the workshop and be down to earth with them. This is especially important because kids want to be around adults who can really understand them at their level. Tim is also creative which is important because when teaching a class, you need to keep the kids engaged and focused on you. Tim can create a fun and out of the ordinary lecture that will allow for the kids to be able to enjoy the workshop. The next task would be going with Anna to meet with the donors. This is great because Tim can use his ability to socialize to create a another mindset for why this workshop needs to happen. He can be creative with his language which can allow for him to hit on different aspects of the purpose of the workshop.

The last individual will be Jack. His job is to manage the finances for the workshop. Jack can give out the money to buy supplies for what can be bought to aid in teaching the workshop. Jacks other task is to keep in contact with many of the sponsors. This is highly important because keeping good contact will allow for the group to have the same sponsors assisting for many of the future tasks. Another task could be to just keep the group in check and deal with the deadlines on the financial side. Being organized will allow for receiving the money and making economic deadlines to aid the group.

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