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Reserve a room – Maria

Maria prefers to “stay in the background” of group projects, so I would assign her to reserving a room. This role plays to her strengths because she is detail-oriented and well-organized, and this is not a main task for the workshop. I think Maria would do well with this task.

Advertise for the workshop – Tim and Jack

I would assign Tim and Jack the task of advertising for the workshop. Tim has a graphic design background and he enjoys interacting with the public, so he could handle the creative side of the advertising. Jack likes concrete tasks and deadlines, and he is also comfortable with money, so he could handle the financial side of the advertising while also making sure that deadlines are being met.

Design curricula – Anna and Maria

I think Anna would do a great job with designing the curricula because she enjoys taking on responsibility, so this is something that she is capable of handling. Also, she was the one who had the initial idea for the workshop and she’s very passionate about this project, so she would put a lot of effort into this task. I would also assign Maria to this task because she is very detail-oriented and focuses on organization, so the curricula would be very organized and neat. This also allows Maria to remain in the background but still contribute.

Secure funding – Jack

I would give Jack the responsibility of securing the $300 in funding from local sponsors. Since Jack is very comfortable working with money and financing, I think this task is very well-suited for him. Also, he likes concrete tasks and really needs clear deadlines to succeed, so he would efficiently make sure that deadlines are met where the money is concerned, which is very important.

Teach workshop – Anna and Tim

I would assign Anna and Tim to teach this workshop together. I would have Anna teach it because she had the original vision for the workshop, and she’s already very passionate about it since it was her idea. I would also have Tim work with Anna to teach it because this gives him the opportunity to interact with the public which he likes to do. Additionally, he may be able to display his creative side with the middle school kids and he would be able to appeal to them.