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I read two different student blogs from The Guardian. The first one I read was about student parents ¬†at Oxford University. The thesis was very clear within the first paragraph and stated that Universities over-look student parents. The author included two different student mothers who attended Oxford, who gave their stories of struggling to earn their degree. What also boosted the authors credibility was that she was also a student mother at the University as well. I feel like the added picture to the beginning of the blog also built support to their thesis, which you cant print out a picture attached to your essay. The way it was written was to invoke emotion and empowerment which is relevant to such an emotional topic. The second blog I read was about rape at Universities. The author’s intention was to spread the word about sexual assault through her “Revolt Sexual Assault” national campaign. To build credibility on the subject she shared her own experience of being sexually assaulted and how her university failed to help her. The only thing that drew away from the credibility of her writing was small grammar mistakes within it. The video she put at the beginning acted as a hook would in a paper and helped get an understanding of what the blog would be about before even directed stated.