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Peer Review Using the 4 Core Criteria:

The Guardian Blog:

I chose a random article written by the Guardian Students, not sure if that’s what you were supposed to do but the article I read was called “Young Mother’s at University: I breastfed at 5am while writing essays”. Conceptually, the article was written well, it definitely talked about mothers who are balancing school and raising children. I would say the last sentence of the first paragraph is a strong thesis; it tells me what the issue is and what people should be focusing on, i.e. the existence of student parents. As for research competence, many sources and people were referenced throughout the article, plenty of quotes were taken from people along with additional statistics so the writer did a great job with that. For Creative Realization, there were two images associated with the article that brightened up the page. There were a lot of very distracting ads everywhere else on the website but no one can do anything about that. It could have been put on paper very easily, it might have been better that way because we could have avoided all of the random advertisements but having it online makes the information accessible and easy to update so whichever. Relationship Between Form and Content, the thesis was addressed throughout the article using the quotes from people and statistics but I wouldn’t necessarily say the design of the article aided the thesis. Only two relevant helpful images were added but other than that, I am not sure what other design aspects of the blog would have gone into reinforcing the thesis.

Digital Storytelling:

I chose Faeries of Serbia for this example. Conceptually, the creator wanted to tell about his homeland and ancient stories associated with his country. My one critique would be to put subtitles underneath or a transcript somewhere so the information can be absorbed entirely. The video spoke about both of these ideas and displayed many pictures and videos all throughout giving the viewer an extra understanding of what the creator was talking about. As for research competence, the creator seemed very well versed in his knowledge of ancient tales, he used many different pictures and actual video footage of his surroundings which really gives people a feel for the old lands of Serbia which I liked. Creative Realization, this would be an example of something that is much better in this format as opposed to just paper. It is super fun seeing all the pictures and real video footage, I would definitely say the project achieves an effect that couldn’t be achieved on paper. Relationship between form and content, the videos helped me really imagine the lands of Serbia and it also showed many old pictures of the fairies so I would say those design aspects helped the thesis quite a bit.