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The first form of multimedia I will be assessing was a Podcast titled “Living Both Sides of Abuse, And Choosing Neither”. The conceptual core of the podcast was about a woman who started abusing her boyfriend and reminding herself of her mother, who abused her verbally and physically. It was a 4 minute podcast and the woman started very quickly on how she met her boyfriend and where the fuel to the abuse started. She discussed her past with her abusive mom and the racist comments her mom would make about her African-American boyfriend and how she let those comments go to her causing the abuse. I believe the vision of the project was achieved, she had a well-framed timeline and spoke about how the abuse got to her and how she’s doing 5 years after breaking up with her boyfriend. She discussed how the years of abuse from her mother had affected her and caused her to become like her mother. I believe making a podcast about abuse and being an abuser touches the listener more than it would if it were written. You can hear the pain and guilt in her voice when she spoke about how she treated her boyfriend. I definitely believe that this form of multimedia was appropriate for this topic.

The second form of multimedia I will be assessing is a Blog post titled “Here’s what I want to tell others students about Tourette syndrome”. The conceptual core of the blog post was about a woman who struggled growing up with Tourette syndrome and adapting ┬áto it as she got older. It was a short blog post and she got right to the point of describing Tourette syndrome and how her mother was her “champion” and helped explain to her school teachers to help her not feel different from other students. She wrote about how even though she had resources, she still felt like an outsider when she had “tics” and felt the need to sit in the back of her college lecture classes in order to not draw attention. She further went on to discuss her struggles with internships and meeting new people. She wrote about finding guidance and support when she got older. She found some closure in two celebrities, YouTuber Caspar Lee and soccer player Tim Howard. Although she found them, they didn’t know her and she couldn’t feel close to them. She framed her blog post in a timeline, when she was younger and the struggle to present day and how she’s still adapting to it as an adult. I believe writing a blog post about Tourette syndrome is a good idea but I’d rather see a video or podcast about she struggle to further educate her audience with her syndrome. In a video or podcast, we can see/hear her tics and further understand what living with Tourettes is like. I understand why she might’ve written instead of spoke about it in order to not feel like an outsider so I respect her wishes and not push her confidence.