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The first form of media I chose is a blog written to provide tips on helping your friends who are struggling with mental illnesses. The article begins with offering that mental illnesses among college students is in fact a crisis. The article then dives in to specific signs to look out for that may indicate someone has or may be developing a mental illness. After describing those, the author provides practical methods of reaching out to someone in need This article poses a very clear thesis, and easy to follow organization that helps readers clearly understand the topic. The quality of this article is overall good; however, I think it could be improved by adding more detail to each specific warning sign. More examples and explanations could be provided to make this article stronger. This blog does achieve an effect that could not be achieved on paper. The end of the blog provides other topics that relate to college students and mental illnesses that are easily accessible compared to a paper version of this article. The boldness of each subtopic help to enhance the thesis by tying each point to the main idea. A suggestion to improve the illumination of this blog could be to add more pictures. The use of pictures are a great tool to highlight each point. Overall, the online blog style appropriately emphasizes the thesis and the examples that follow.

The second form of media I chose is a digital story told by Liu who went to Maldives and learned about the dangerous turtle impact. The author walked the audience through her vacation by highlighting what she did and where she stayed. She gave us some stats on the accumulation of trash among the various islands, and then she explained efforts made by the island to combat the turtle issue regarding the dangers of plastic. The thesis is a little fuzzy because she just began her video with explaining where she went on her trip and then the video developed into the effects of trash. I think that if she made a clear thesis regarding the dangers of trash, the point of the video would have been more understandable. Her research was good because she was able to provide compelling facts about the island that relate to the trash compiling and the effects on sea creatures nearby. This is relevant information that pertains to her video. The pictures and video clips as well as the background music made this video engaging within the audience. This is an effort that would not be possible to achieve on paper because music and video clips are not able to be put on to paper. The author does a good job of building upon her evidence to tie into her main point; however, her thesis in the beginning is a little unclear. Other than that, the video did an excellent job at capturing the true effects of trash among the island that she visited.