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After exploring the different publishing platforms, I learned that YouTube and Vimeo are best for uploading videos. Both have their advantages, for example, YouTube allows users to upload unlimited videos. At first these must be less than 15 minutes, until one verifies the account. The site also uses ads. Vimeo doesn’t use ads, but there is a limit to the video storage and one would have to purchase premium accounts for more storage.

I also learned that WordPress and Wix both allow one to create a website. WordPress seems to be more complex, allowing one to start from scratch, and has different plans depending on what the website would be used for. Wix seems simpler to use and comes with templates, so creating the site would be easier, but also more difficult to personalize. Atavist is more like an ebook creator site that allows one to use multiple forms of media. This site also seems more involved and challenging to use.

The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 4.7, is now“The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 4.7, is now” by PCM Shaper is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Wix Wedding Template“Wix Wedding Template” by Ayelet Behavod is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Above I have inserted an example of WordPress and Wix to show the diference between the looks.

When I was younger I created my own blog using Blogger. I liked that it was easy to use and it was free, but if I were to do this again, I would use WordPress. The first was simpler for middle and high school me, but WordPress would allow me to create a more personalized site. I have provided a link to a helpful site comparing these two platforms.

[Create WP Site]. (2019, Feb 11). WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2019 [Made Easy] [Video file]. Retrieved from

I have inserted a YouTube tutorial on how to use WordPress for beginners. I like that this is a simple explanation and breakdown of a potentially challenging site.