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  1. I have learned about how many great free resources there are out there that offer a platform for professionalism while utilizing multimedia deliverance. There are many forms, and many sites that allow for a combination of multimedia display in one area. For example, sites like YouTube are exclusively videos and video comments, but blogging sites allow for text, picture, video, and audio display.
  2. During my time in OT school, I used Wix to complete a portfolio assignment that I was able to upload various resources that were related to OT’s roles in mental health settings. This was a great, free, and professional way that I could easily provide the professor the assignment, while also being able to make it usable and accessible for myself, and others, for future use. Mental Health Infographic by Pain Pix CC BY 2.0
  3. I used photos, documents, and videos in the multimedia project mentioned in #2. I included a video that I made for a Neuroscience project. This video is called Types of Pain, I am one of the authors along with McKenna Weeks. This video is available for public use and distribution.