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Publishing Platforms

Each publishing platform brought its on unique features to the table, along with some commonalities that were found between them.  Weebly, Wix, and WordPress all offer themes for blogs the user can create based on the purpose they are trying to publish.




These sites allow for posting blogs, writings, photos, videos, or incorporating all of these medias into one post.  While the latter are multimodal by design, Vimeo and Youtube are publishing platforms that are much more video-based. However, users are able to utilize things like text, images, and audio based within their videos.  For example, we created a multimedia neuroscience video in order to explain a neural concept through text, pictures, video, and audio. Below is a short clip from that project: 


  • Reflect on a publishing project that you’ve completed for school or extracurricular activities. What platform did you choose and why? After completing this C21 publishing course, would you change the platform you selected? Why or why not?

I have used wix to create a resource portfolio for my OT psychosocial course last spring.  I created different pages for different topics, utilized the blog feature for posting reflections, and had a home page with images that included links to different pages. I chose this platform because it had interesting themes that were aesthetically pleasing and I found the platform to be user friendly.  After completing this course I might have decided to choose weebly instead.  I had never heard of this platform before, but after exploring it during the comparison activity I really enjoyed the example sites they created for each theme and how they demonstrate good use of multimedia design.

  • Provide an explanation of the multimedia design principles you applied to create this post.

To create this post, I utilized bolded words to point out major aspects and key points of the post.  I also inserted screenshots from platforms adjacent to text about those platforms to make it easier to follow the different platforms I was discussing and to provide visuals.  I also provided a video that incorporated text, images, and audio!