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I learned that each platform takes a little bit of time to navigate and understand.t Overall, they each give helpful information and tools that aid in the process of publishing. I think that youtube is easier than the other resources provided, just because I use it frequently and am familiar with it. From this comparison activity, I learned that I should branch out a little bit more because there are so many options and by only being familiar with a couple, I am limiting my ability to expand my knowledge and ability to learn.

A publishing project I completed for school was for a resource portfolio. I used the Wix website because I found it easy to navigate and edit. After this course, I do not think I would change the platform from Wix to another site but I might attempt in the future to use one of these platforms instead of Wix because I am now more familiar with them.

I inserted this picture of a bridge because I think they are beautiful! “bridge” by barnyz CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I think nature is beautiful as well! “saturday afternoon” by Lana Pahl All rights reserved¬†

OT’s role in sleep informational handout

For this post, I incorporated text that uses a link to an informational fact sheet. I used Flickr to access various forms of media, a photo and a video to create a multimedia approach design. Thanks!