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Publishing Platforms Comparison Chart

Punta Cana Family Video

“Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)” by Mr. Probz

I published a video on Facebook after using an iPhone to record, iMovie to edit and AppleMusic to add music for a present to my family to view. In the video, I provided images, videos, music, and some text. After completing this C21 publishing course, I would have used Youtube or Vimeo to provide a more complete  written description below the video to enhance viewer audience for family who do not have access to Facebook or I would have created a blog with Wix to provide many videos on one site with descriptions and links below each documenting the experiences. I would have also added more text to each image or video clip documenting the date, activity, and location to make it more accessible to viewers. A soft voiceover describing the activity to enhance the video experience many also benefit my multimedia work by using story telling for the voice over. These are all ideas to make my publishing on a platform more accessible, interesting, and informative.

In the original video, I used the multi-media principle by using text at the beginning and end to explain to viewers the context of the video.