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I learned that each of the publishing platforms have pros and cons and even though some are used for the same purpose they are all unique. For example, Vimeo and YouTube are both used to publish videos however Vimeo limits the amount of storage that you can use for free. As college students, it’s important to know which platforms are available for free and what the limitations are for not paying a price.

I created a video using Vimeo compiled of photos and videos that I took while on vacation in Belize. I made the originial using iMovie because it was easy to work with being that I have an apple computer and phone. All of these devices and programs are compatible with one another and make it easy to transfer media. Once it was finished and set to music, I uploaded it to Vimeo to share with others. I think I would still use Vimeo after completing this course as I have never had any issues with it. I also have experience with Wix. I used a template to create a psychosocial portfolio for a class last Spring. I really appreciated all of the templates that the site provided and liked how user friendly it was as a beginner.

I inserted photos of each of the projects that I described to provide a visual example of what things look like that are published on the site. I also provided links to both the Vimeo and Wix websites for reference.

Here is an example of a video on Youtube that I created and published for a neuroscience project.