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Each platform takes a learning curve to navigate and they each provide useful tools for publishing. For instance, I found youtube to be easier than the other platforms due to its familiarity, however I recognize that it limits my ability to create webpages. Whereas wix provides resources to create a webpage where I could sell products as well as blog. With that being said, I found weebly the easiest to use as it walked it me through the steps to set up a webpage with ease. I even decided to change my AT portfolio platform from wix to weebly due to its user friendly components.

For a past assignments, I used youtube to create a video for neuroscience. Youtube was the platform we used to upload the video after creating it with our phones. Youtube provided a link and a way to create the video longer than our phones would allow us to do so. If I had an opportunity to redo the assignment, I still use youtube due to its familiarity and ease to use. I have added a snippet of the video used to create the assignment. To create this post, I utilized a personal image and video, which is embedded in the link).

Neuroscience Snippet by Charlea Olmstead, Alexa Taylor, and Jalisa Johnson