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  1. I learned that each publishing website has its own unique pros and cons. One benefit is that each has options to sign up for free of cost. I found that it was a lot more simple to create my own website than I had previously thought. I prefer Wix compared to the others, because of how simple it was to use and how many design options it provided. I also prefer to use youtube, only because it is already a familiar website that I have used in previous classes.

    Brain by IsaacMao CC by 2.0

  2. In my neuroscience class, we created a video on Powtoon using multimodal principals. The video included pictures, texts, voice-over, and animated photographs. The video was on a complex phenomenon, unilateral neglect. I really enjoyed how easy Powtoon was to use, as well as the images they provided. They also had a direct connection to post a video on youtube, which is how we shared our video with others. After completing this course, I believe I still would have completed the project the same way, and posting on Youtube helped reach a greater audience. Our first video received 750 views, and our second had over 200. Since this video had educational purposes, I would continue to post videos on Youtube



Unilateral neglect part II by Taylor Reamy, Hannah Turner, and Caroline Puglia

3. This post included a photograph of a brain using fair use and copyright knowledge from the previous course. I used a picture of a brain because I talked about the video I made for neuroscience. I followed this photograph of a brain with the video from youtube that I created. This post all together included text, a video, a photograph, and audio from the video. I also provided citations for the media I used for this post. I separated my text with the picture and then put my video last so it is more appealing to the reader as well.