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After completing the platform comparison activity, what did you learn about the publishing platforms?

A few of the platforms were for making a website and the others were for uploading video content. The platforms for creating a website were WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. The websites for publishing video content such as vlogs were Youtube and Vimeo.  All of the websites allow the person to create the space however they choose. A few websites had an option to have a generator use answers from a survey and create a website the person may like. I have learned through looking at publishing platforms, it takes more effort to up keep a website. I had no idea what went into publishing work for a blog or website.


Reflect on a publishing project that you’ve completed for school or extracurricular activities. What platform did you choose and why? After completing this C21 publishing course, would you change the platform you selected? Why or why not?

YouTube is where I usually publish video content for school or extracurricular activities because it is more commonly known. Before this course I did not put a lot of research in to where I could publish my work. Now, I am aware of the various sites I could use and I think choosing  a platform  depends on the purpose of what I am publishing. If I were creating a blog post, I would use Wix because I thought it was the most user friendly for creating a website and customization. I will keep using Youtube for publishing video content because I am familiar with how it works, but I would like to learn more with Vimeo.


Provide an explanation of the multimedia design principles you applied to create this post.

I decided for my content to have embedded GIF’s and links to the websites I preferred. The multimedia design helps to make my post more interesting and correlate to what I am writing about. To create a more blog post dynamic I centered my questions to help distinguish my questions from my answers and in my first response I choose to bold the platforms I compared and add the link for my audience to have the option to click on the word and go to that specific website.