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Over the past two weeks, the mindful activity I tried was journaling. As a kid, I used to journal a lot about my daily activities, which allowed me to reflect on what I did and express how I felt about the day. This time around, the past two weeks, I made sure to set out about 10 minutes in the middle or end of my days to write about what I did, how much progress I made on assignments and in classes, and other events that were memorable from the day. I found interest in journaling again because it made me reflect on what my typical day was like, being able to make adjustments and be more productive.

The first few days of journaling was a little difficult because I had to recount my days, which consist of a lot of different activities and towards the end of the day, I was more concerned about what other assignments I had for classes and other things going on that I had to complete. However, I noticed from my journal entries that I was able to mention a lot of positive events from my day. I found this to be very helpful because I could point out a lot of the positives from the day, while also noticing the negative parts of the day. This led to a lot improvement in planning my day out, which led to more productive study sessions and effective time management.

After the first few days, I stuck with journaling and felt much more comfortable with it. This presented a way of expressing my feelings about the day, which is important because suppressing feelings is not necessarily the most mentally healthy thing to do. I originally thought journaling would be strange since it had been so long since I’d taken the time to write about my day, but it ended up being a very productive strategy. Journaling on some days did take a decent amount of time that I would’ve rather used to spend time with friends, but overall the experience was a very productive one. Although journaling ended up being a productive activity, in the future I want to try guided meditation. I’ve been told by my friends and also have read in numerous articles that mediation assists in relaxing the mind. If I am able to set out the time in the day I would absolutely try meditation to improve my overall well-being and to increase my practice with mindfulness.