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This mindfulness course has really opened my eyes to the different segments of my life that should be cherished more. I realized that I have been worried about the wrong things and that self involvement and taking time to look at your life and do something you enjoy is essential and can also benefit my mental health. Doing mindfulness practices was hard to get into because it wasn’t something that I always incorporated into my daily life.

Over the past two weeks I have been doing things that have made me take in the moments and events going on in my life and enjoy them while they were still there and not letting them become a memory. I have been doing more things to satisfy myself like doing a happy dance every time I felt a sense of joy, no matter who was looking. I practiced things that too the stress away from being a college student, like hanging out with friends and just taking walks around campus to calm my nerves.

Adding these things to my regular routine definitely gave me a different perspective on my life and prompted me to become more of aware of the things that didn’t contribute to my happiness or stress-free life. I’ve made it a duty of mine to become better at doing these things and not slacking off.