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Post #4:

As I have done yoga for the past couple of days, I would say that I do feel as if yoga has had a positive influence on my spiritual and mental well-being. I have not been as stressed and I feel like I can think on a clear mind, which is something that does not happen too often. Since I have recorded such good results from this exercise, I do believe that this is something that I would continue to do in the future in order to keep my mind and body relaxed and calm. In the future, I will definitely continue to use mindfulness practices as I do believe they improve the quality of living. As far as what exercise I would do, I am unsure of but I do think I will switch it up somewhere along the lines. Yoga is an incredible activity as it allows you to exercise your soul and allow you to be in touch with your mind and body. The only downfall is that somewhere nice and quite us needed. Other than that, yoga was perfect.