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Over the last two weeks, the readings and content in the mindfulness course has positively impacted my lifestyle. Not only did I learn more about different methods of mindfulness, but I also learned about other strategies and tactics that I can practice that will benefit my every day life. One of the new ideas I tried to further improve my mindfulness was the strategy of silence. I have 8 am’s every day so after my first class and when I got home, I got in a comfortable position and relaxed. Putting my phone away and not worrying about anything else with the combination of pure silence was very relaxing and I could tell I was less stressed because of it.

One of the more important things I realized within these two weeks was not letting anything interfere with setting aside some time to practice mindfulness. Just like working out, eating healthy, and things along that nature, once you want to make something a habit you have to go out of your way to make sure it gets done every day. Even if I didn’t practice mindfulness for one day I knew I wouldn’t care anymore or just give up on it entirely. With that being said, if I forgot to do it after my 8 am, I would set aside a different part of my day to make sure that I was going to practice my mindfulness.

Overall, learning more about mindfulness in more ways than previously known before has helped me tremendously. Whether it be battling stress or relaxing my brain, having new methods to practice mindfulness will absolutely benefit my life in a positive manner. It also has inspired me to practice mediation more each and every day. This assignment made me try out new ways of practicing improving my mindfulness and will ultimately lead me to a more positive lifestyle.