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Over the past two weeks this course has helped me tremendously with incorporating positive ways to de-stress or really just live healthier. from the near the beginning of class where we were all just getting to know each other and then to even this most recent assignment where it incorporates yoga, reading a book, and creativeness, I have learned that mindfulness to me simply means to live positively, effectively, and beneficially.

My perception of mindfulness is to each person is their own style of living in which they perform to their respective best and healthiest way they can live when dealing with what life has to offer. My personal perspective of what mindfulness is just making the best of what you have yet maintaining a balance of responsibility and awareness.

Mindfulness at the end of the day means something different to everyone; however, Something most people can agree with about the topic is that everyone that really gets involved, studies it, and becomes self-aware of the benefits of mindfulness are all trying to advance in any area of life whether its social, business, or personal.