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The readings and content on mindfulness have significantly impacted my life during the past two weeks. The readings have taught me to be more open-minded about myself self and the environment around me. The techniques that I have read about and used have allowed me to experience a whole new level of being at peace with myself. Additionally I have found myself having an overall more positive attitude toward things. This has greatly helped me when dealing with challenges throughout my day because it makes me feel more motivated to overcome that problem instead of just letting the challenge get the best of me.

The content in the course has helped me have a positive perspective on mindfulness.I, personally, did not pay attention to being mindful prior to this course.However , after this course I believe mindfulness is a vital component to ones success. There are many times where an individual find themselves stressed, distracted or easily discouraged, and that has everything to do with their own mindfulness. One’s mentality and attitude is vital inorder to perform at their full potential. For me, I found myself being overwhelmed and stressed in many situations throughout the first few weeks of this semester because I never paid attention to myself . I overworked myself and lost a lot of sleep because of it. I had a very unhealthy routine and did not give attention to what I needed to do for myself in order to be successful.

Only after taking time out of my week to focus on myself,  I slowly realized my mood improving and finding myself being more positive and calm when doing homework or having busy days. By taking thirty minutes out of each day to perform different techniques such as dancing, yoga, story telling or meditating in silence, turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. I was more outgoing when talking to people and correcting my bad behaviors that I would resort to when I got too stressed and overwhelmed. From this course, I can truly say performing mindfulness techniques have changed my life for the better and allowed me to learn healthy practice to add to my life. I believe everyone should incorporate these techniques to help improve how they interact with others around and help them focus on themselves.