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Over the course of the past two weeks, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the topic of mindfulness. It has helped me to realize how much more there is to learn about the human mind and especially your own. The content of this course has changed my perception tremendously on how important it is to have mindfulness in your life. It is very crucial to understand just how your brain works, but also how you function. Everyone works different, and for me I realized that when I get stressed out, it is important to focus on how my mindfulness is being affected and how I can improve it in order to better myself.

When it came to what practice I would add into my everyday life, I chose to add the practice of centering. This practice has taught me a lot about how important it is to focus on the task at hand and not at what you have to do later on in your life. I try to practice centering before I have to do a lot of studying or homework so that it allows me to only focus on that activity and not other assignments I have for any other class. This has changed my perception a lot on the actual function of mindfulness. I used to think that it wasn’t that important and didn’t have too much of an impact on your life. However, now that I have actually found a true method that works for me, I can see the true benefits of it. It has changed my studying style all for the better and has allowed me to gain the most out of the time I spend studying. I used to spend a lot more time studying while getting a lot less done, and now I spend a lot less time studying all the while getting more stuff done.

While I was participating in the mindfulness course, I realized how much of an affect it has on me. I never really had any cons about the practice that I had, except for the fact that I had a problem sometime remembering to do the practice when it was the most effective for me. It was always the most effective for me to do the practice of centering right before I was going to do an assignment or study for a class. This wasn’t exactly the mindfulness’ more or less my own fault for being too distracted by other assignments to actually remember to do it. In the past whenever I got swamped with school work I would always procrastinate actually starting it and actually doing it, whereas now I look at the challenge head on and actually get it done. this is what mostly changed my perception on mindfulness the most, by realizing that by doing the practice of centering and paying attention to my mindfulness, there was a major difference in my mental health when it came to school work and stress levels.


Mindfulness Activity