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I listened to a podcast and read a blog. The podcast was titled “Making Friends when you’re Shy,” this podcast had a good message and I knew exactly what I was going to be listening to because of the title. There were not a lot of resources used besides peoples experiences because this is not really a searchable topic. But the experiences were very relatable. The speaker made it very relatable with the examples. They also made it personal by making seem as if they were talking directly to the listener. I would have not gotten this same feeling if I were to have read it on paper. the form and context of the podcast went together well because the context was getting to know people if you are shy and having a speaking format made the most sense. The blog was entitled, “Want black students to feel at home? Don’t ignore the little things.” this title was very clear on what I was going to be listening to, with enough vagueness to make me want to click on it to read more. There was plenty of resources which were links, making them easier to access. Was only one picture, it showed two black people, one a graduate, so it tied in but did not show the thesis. Because this was a blog, it was not any different than reading it on paper. I believe this topic would have linked better with a podcast, but the blog works well because if someone is speaking on a topic like this it can get personal and aggressive quickly so the blog works well.