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I decided to employ movement and music as my mindfulness techniques. I decided to choose music because it has always helped me just get my mind of things or help me express my emotions by listening to music. Often, it helps me just let out a lot of my stress and frustration by calming myself either playing music or listening to music. I also chose movement, getting myself moving has helped me feel better about myself and be more focused and have more energy, I decided to choose movement because it could help me focus on myself more and be more aware with my thoughts. Movement like running, working out, and just going on walks can really help me think through everything and just clear my head of any stressful thoughts or try and resolve them.

My first experience with my technique of music was mainly marching band. It helps me just distract myself from some of the things I got going on for the duration of practice. The other technique I chose was movement. My first experience with it was just going for a walk at night after all my classes and after practice. I decided to start with going on a walk around the lake for two nights in a row. It was about an hour long and it really helped calm me. I felt more relaxed and it helped me finish some homework a lot easier after having struggled with it for a couple hours. My body and mind were at ease and more aware of everything going on.

With music, I am required to attend marching band practice everyday from 6 pm-7:30 pm so incorporating it into my schedule wasn’t difficult at all. With my second technique of movement, it was difficult because I don’t get a lot of free time between classes, and I spend my nights doing my homework. The only dislike I have of incorporating movement as my mindfulness technique is getting sore for the first week. I started going to UREC and working out at the gym and the first few days I was very sore, but I felt a lot better after the soreness passed. Movement and music are the two best techniques for me personally. Music has been a part of my life since I was 8 and has stuck with me ever since. I have always wanted to be more active than I already was, so incorporating movement into my daily schedule seemed like the right way to go.

Overall, my body has felt a lot better and relaxed after the soreness passed. I’ve been able to enjoy everything a lot more and be in a better mood overall. I plan to continue incorporating movement in my daily schedule because it has been something I’ve always wanted to do. The techniques I chose have made a positive impact on my life, so I will continue using them. I may try dance and meditation as a mindfulness practice. I grew up dancing and I still dance, maybe it can be a useful mindfulness technique for myself.