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Before beginning the mindfulness course, I thought I had a relatively good idea of how to be mindful, but the course opened my eyes to new ways to relieve stress and just remove distractions from my life for at least a little while. I previously had tried yoga and meditation, but I did not implement it into my life regularly. It was just something I did every once in a while. I simply assumed that it wasn’t really that important, and that I could deal with stress in other ways. However, this course showed me much better alternatives to quiet my mind that benefit my overall mood throughout the day.

First, the journaling gave me a good outlet to express my thoughts and reflect on things that had happened during the day. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper is a great way to get everything out and not keep it inside, which can become unhealthy. This helped me deal with things that I may not have wanted to talk to people about. Also, the meditation on a more regular basis was surprisingly very beneficial. I am usually always surrounded by other people, electronics, or distractions in general that can always make my surroundings feel chaotic and make me exhausted by the end of the day. Sitting in silence with just myself provided me with the calm I needed to recharge and prepare for the next time things got chaotic.

The mindfulness course helped me realize the benefits of mindfulness and all the different ways you can be mindful. I heard about most of the mindfulness activities in the tree, but I had never really considered using them myself. After trying some of them out and witnessing their benefits first hand, I will now try others and see the results they bring me. I now consider mindfulness to be an essential to relieving stress and calming down during the day, especially for college students. I think everyone should try some of these activities at least once even if they don’t use them regularly, just to get away from the business of our modern age for a little while.