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The first project I chose to review was a podcast from Radio Rookies called Making Friends When You’re Shy. Ndioubou Sarr, an 18-year-old woman from Senegal, is very shy, but wants to find a group of close friends to have fun with and be supported by. She does a good job of providing examples of how she was when she first came to the United States. Sarr’s ┬ástory from coming over from Africa and explaining in depth why she is shy about certain situations helps to listener to visualize, which is important in a podcast. Resources including her friends and mother came into the podcast to explain their reactions to hearing about Sarr’s shyness and providing their own experiences. Although some of the background noises were not very necessary, it did assist in creating a visual image of Sarr’s shyness. However, she seemed somewhat repetitive in speaking about her thesis point, while dodging specific details that would have enhance her story. She could have provided more details about why she has been so shy, but overall she answered the general thesis statement.

The second project I chose to review was a blog titled “What did I learn at private school? They should be abolished” by Angus Satow. The main thesis of this blog is that there is a very distinct gap private school students and public school students in many aspects. I found this as an interesting read because I’ve always wondering what kinds of privileges private school students may have compared to public school students. Satow is extremely biased in this article because he attended the private school St. Paul’s and graduated from Cambridge University, so he experienced first hand what private schools do. Although most of the article was negative, he made his point about how private schools operate and how much more fortunate these students are than public school students. Satow provided numerous examples as support for his thesis, such as private school students having more opportunities and connections to succeed in life on top of being more financially well off. That example provides a main point in his blog, which he uses to stem off to other points of the argument. He didn’t provide any images, but did provide links to his sources and used syntax to help the reader visualize. Satow did provide plenty for his argument so in general it supplied the purpose of his blog.