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With the knowledge presented about each member of the group, I would first have Maria take care of reserving a room on campus and designing curricula. These two tasks fit Maria well because she is detail-oriented and well organized. Maria likes to “stay in the background,” which is why she will fit these two tasks perfectly, although she will be encouraged to help facilitate the STEM workshop. To secure the $300 in funding from local sponsors, Jack would be the man in charge due to being comfortable in working with money. Jack will also assist Maria in securing a room for the workshop because he likes having concrete tasks to do, and securing a room would have set deadline, so having Jack on this task would be beneficial. Anna and Tim would be the two teaching on the day of the workshop. Anna is the person who had the idea and is passionate about the project, which would make her good for teaching about the workshop. Being an engineer major would really help her to interact with the students at the conference. Tim would also be in charge of advertising for the STEM workshop because of his background in graphic design. Maria would be asked to help Tim if he needed any with advertising because of her organization skills, while Anna would be a person to consult because of her passion towards the workshop. In getting the $300, I’d add Tim to the task because Tim most likely has good communication skills due to his interest in speaking to the public. Jack could assist in setting up tables and chairs in the designate room because he wants clear tasks to complete. Anna will also help design curricula because of her leadership and taking on responsibility for the project.