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Gibb’s Steps

I skipped my three hours night class. It was the first nice day out after a long winter and I did not want to waste it inside.

I was scared of missing out on the first nice day out. I was also feeling very anxious because I was missing out. I felt as though if I went to class I would just be frustrated that I was there.

A negative thing that came out of doing this was that I missed interesting stuff that my professor covered, and I felt really guilty about missing class. On the other hand, I had a mental break from schoolwork and enjoyed time outside.

While trying to make sense of this situation I am realizing now that It was not well thought out. It was a spur of the moment decision that I thought about for about fifteen minutes.

Instead of skipping class I could have taken a nice walk before class so that I could have gone to class to learn. I also could have been more patient because there are always going to be more nice days.

If this situation were to happen again, I would do more self-reflection on the on the outcome of my actions. I would to class, maybe even suggest having class outside.