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Gibb’s Reflective Cycle

Emma Wagner


Description: I mistakenly believed I had dropped out of a course before the withdraw deadline and stopped going to class, resulting in failing the course in question.


Feelings: Upon seeing an ‘F’ on my transcript for a class I believed to no longer be enrolled in, I was very upset with myself. I was angry that I had not double-checked or consulted my advisor about the process. As a freshman, this was unfamiliar territory, and I was incredibly disheartened by the blow I feared this would cause my GPA.


Evaluation: While failing was a blow to both my GPA and my self-esteem, I grew from the experience and learned to be extra cautious in similar situations. Overall, I would call this a negative experience, but there was some good in the lessons that I took away from this experience.


Analysis: I learned a valuable lesson about being absolutely positive you are following all directions correctly through this experience. I was unfamiliar with the process of withdrawing from a class after the add/drop deadline, and I overestimated my ability to successfully do so without any help from my advisor. I learned that while it is great to be independent and self-sufficient, it isn’t a bad thing to consult experts who are there to help you succeed.



Conclusion: I could have tried to talk to my professor as well as the dean of students to try to work something out, including the possibility of receiving an incomplete grade and attempting to complete the coursework by a mutually agreed-upon deadline. I was so upset with myself that I failed to consider other options.


Action plan: After what I experienced, I am doubtful this would happen again. However, if I was to experience something similar in the future, I would make sure to do everything I could to work something out if at all possible, as opposed to simply accepting what has happened. Many professors are willing to work with students when such a situation arises, and if I were to ever be put in such a situation again, I would communicate the issue instead of beating myself up about something that I may have been able to change.