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Mya Marshall

I changed my major from justice studies to social work

Why did I change my major?

  • because I wanted to do something that made me happy instead of something that made others happy like my parents.

Why is doing something that makes you happy important?

  • it is important to me because I value happiness and if something is making me unhappy I try to get rid of it from my life.

Why should you get rid of something that does not make you happy?

  • I feel that if you don’t get rid of things that make you unhappy, you will start to attract more and more negative thoughts which create a negative atmosphere for your life which is not ideal. My parents wanted me to do criminal justice and I have realized that is something making me stressed and unhappy.

Why is negativity not ideal?

  • negative thoughts tend to bring me down and make me thing more negative about things that are positive. For example, my major was making me feel not smart because it was hard, therefore making me think I was not smart enough to do anything. Instead I try to avoid this habit and just find something I’m passionate about and stick with it.

Why is social work your passion?

  • I like to have a lot of options with my life and I feel like I can do a lot with social work. I have a lot of interest in that area and I have a lot more confidence going into this major than I did going into criminal justice.