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As an experience of applying metacognition skill, I am taking Bio and Chemistry labs this semester. Both of the labs are group works and all of the lab assignments are group projects. At the first part of my semester, I was so hard for me to participate in group and to do group work because I didn’t fully understand what professor says, I read the procedure longer than the native students and I have never taken a lab in my lab before. So, I felt that I did not participate and engage enough in my group lab and I felt isolated. Then, I started thinking about what are my problems and how can I try to do better in the lab and work together with group members as an application of metacognition skill. After that, I figured out that I should read or study the materials of lab posted by the professor before the lab. Then, I always read every module, and the procedure of the lab posted by the professor before going to the lab. It really worked that I know what to do in the lab, understand the procedure and start discussing with the group member. In this way, I can participate and engage in group works and communicate with group members. All of my labs are doing ok until the end of this semester.