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For this workshop, I would firstly assign Jack to securing the funds. Given his comfort level with money and finance, this is right up his alley. The $300 amount is also concrete and a clear deadline which is a condition under which he thrives. Tim would be assigned to advertising the event since he specializes in creativity and interaction with the public. He can use this knowledge of the public to design an ad that caters to their interests and is at the same time visually appealing and creative. Anna will be tasked with designing the curriculum. This is due to the fact that she enjoys taking on a great deal of responsibility, which this event is. Since she is so passionate about the project, she will put her best effort into the curricula and create it in the image she designed it in. This leaves the room reservation to Maria since she will be able to find a good room since she specializes in focusing on details. Her organizational skills will also be useful here. Her shyness also is not played upon here and will be able to do her job without feeling uncomfortable.