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If I were creating a two hour STEM-focused workshop for local middle schoolers I would strategically design it so that the students got more out of it than a normal workshop. Allowing the kids to interact with one another and be as creative as possible will help produce the best results. If they are able to take away more knowledge than they came there with, my job would be complete. If I were to select certain tasks for each group member I would need to conduct it in a way that best fits each of their personalities and traits. I would assign Maria the task of reserving a room somewhere on campus that has the capacity and setup that I’m looking for. She prefers to stay in the background and most likely wouldn’t like interacting with the kids. Maria could also help with setting up for the event since there would be little human interaction decorating the place. To get kids and their parents to come to this workshop there would be the need to advertise and spread the word about the event. For this task I would assign Tim as he has a background in graphic design and could produce a nice looking flyer. Tim could also be useful in spreading the word of the event by mouth since he enjoys interacting with the public. I would assign Jack the task of reaching out to local government officials and small businesses to help fundraise money for the event. He is a pre-med major that is comfortable handling money and finance. Jack could also be good with delegating where the money should go and when since he is good with deadlines. Lastly, I would assign Anna the task of designing the curriculum as she leads several groups on campus and enjoys taking on responsibility. She would also be good at being the head planner and organizer by telling people what to do and when they need to do it by. The two team members I would assign to speak on the day of the workshop would be Anna and Tim. They both are comfortable in leadership positions and seem like they would be able to talk in front of large crowds without issues.